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Marvel Comics

West Coast Avengers #45 (1989) White Vision, Mark Jewelers newsstand edition


Featuring a fitting homage cover to Avengers #57 (1st appearance of the Vision), this book contains the 1st appearance of the White Vision.  Written and drawn by the great John Byrne.  This newsstand edition contains the Mark Jewelers insert, making it a very rare copy indeed.  It is said by knowledgeable comic geeks that print runs of the Mark Jewelers books are approximately 5% of the total, and many of those didn't survive as high grade copies.  The CGC census doesn't currently isolate the number of Mark Jewelers copies that are graded amongst the total number of copies of this book (595 9.6 NM+ copies as of this listing), but we suspect there are probably only 15-30 copies in existence.  So we are happy to have one to offer!  This book is indeed graded 9.6 NM+ with white pages by CGC.  It's alignment, color and gloss are excellent.