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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will you share my personal information with others?

A:  The short answer is NO, unless we are legally required to do so by governmental authorities.  We are not in the business of selling your information.  We collect your information only so that we can communicate effectively and do business with you.  Please see our Privacy Policy for the specifics.


Q:  What should I do if I am unhappy with one of my purchases?  

A:  Let us know!  We will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy.  Our online store is here to provide you with exceptional, high-grade vintage and contemporary comic books.  We have a policy for returns which is meant to reassure you when you make the decision to purchase raw books from us.  Should you inspect a raw book graded by us and find it fails to meet the stated criteria, contact us as soon as possible (certainly within 14 days) and we will work with you to arrange a fair return and/or credit.  Graded (slabbed) books are certified by third parties such as CGC or CBCS, not by us.  Those books are shown both front and back in the listing so you can inspect them prior to purchase.  These books also usually have a certification number that can be used to look up details and grading notes for the book on the websites of the grading companies.  As such, we would not accept a return of a graded book based on a disagreement about the stated grade of the book.  Keep in mind, however, when you purchase comics from Jackal Relic it significantly reduces the risk of purchasing a defective graded book because of our meticulous procurement criteria.  See our Shipping, Insurance & Returns Policy for more specifics about the return process.  


Q:  Will my books arrive safely?  How do you keep the books safe during shipping?  

A:  Yes, the books will arrive safely.  We keep them safe in two ways: 

1) We keep the time the package is in the USPS ecosystem AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE.  Therefore we only use first class or priority mail to ship books. These are fast, arriving within 1-3 days for most customers. Many sellers use USPS media mail or other shipping methods which, while lower in cost, extend the time the package remains in transit.  These services have no posted, guaranteed arrival date and often take 7-10 or more days to travel through the ecosystem.  Our own experience has taught us that the longer the parcel is in the ecosystem, the higher the probability of damage. 

2) We pack your items very securely using a combination of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and multiple layers of cardboard within a USPS priority mail box or bubble wrap mailer.  We have had very good luck with this method.

Although we can never say that every parcel will reach its destination safely, our approach to minimizing shipping times and packing very securely significantly reduces the risk of disappointment.


Q:  What if I have books to sell?  Does Jackal Relic want to buy my comics?

A:  Contact us!  We would be pleased for the opportunity to look at any of your books or collection, large or small.