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Marvel Comics

Muppet Babies #10 (1986) Marvel anniversary issue


For those completists trying to wrangle the entire library of books featuring Marvel's 25th Marvel Universe anniversary picture frame covers, we humbly offer you Muppet Babies #10!  The art in this book is by Marie Severin!

This is a very difficult book to obtain in a 9.8!  The Star Comics line by Marvel was for little kids so not many of these survived.  THERE ARE ONLY 11 COPIES IN THE CGC CENSUS AT 9.8, AND ONLY 7 COPIES AT 9.6.  This book is graded 9.8 NM/MT with white pages by CGC.  Drop us an email if you have a copy you want to sell, or a copy of Care Bears #7, Ewoks #10Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham #12, Heathcliff #12.  We have to work hard to keep those rare anniversary books in stock.