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Marvel Comics

Mighty Thor, The #337 (1983) Canadian price variant, Beta Ray Bill


This historic issue features the 1st appearance of Beta Ray Bill.  Story, cover and art by Walt Simonson.  This book is the Canadian price variant (CPV), which is significantly scarcer than either the newsstand or direct sales editions.  In the CGC census (as we post this listing) there are 2,206 copies graded at 9.6 in the standard population (direct sales and newsstands are not differentiated).  However, there are only 144 copies of the CPV, which is just 6.1% of the total population of CGC 9.6 copies.  This is the one you want to own!  This book is graded 9.6 NM+ with white pages by CGC.  The book has excellent alignment, nice color and gloss.