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Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four #50 (1966) Silver Surfer, Galactus

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This iconic issue features cover and art by Jack Kirby and story by Stan Lee.  It contains the 3rd appearance of the Silver Surfer (2nd cover appearance) and the 2nd full appearance of Galactus as they do battle with one another.  The book also has the 1st appearance of Wyatt Wingfoot and introduces the Watcher's weapon, the Ultimate Nullifier.  

This book is graded 8.5 VF+ with white pages by CGC.  Please note that this book has the purple label, which means the book has some restoration.  In this case, the restoration has been determined to be Slight (a slight amount of color touch).  We have looked at the book closely with a magnifier and bright light and we agree with CGC.  The only restoration we can detect is a few color touches over spine tics on the front cover.