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Spawn #9 (1993) Angela, Medieval Spawn


Spawn #9 written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Todd McFarlane.  This book features the first appearance of Angela (daughter of Odin and sister to Thor and Loki).  Also Gabrielle and Count Nicholas Cogliostro make their debuts in this book.  The character Angela is now a Marvel property due to a legal dispute between McFarlane and Gaiman over the rights to the character, which Gaiman won.  Gaiman then sold the rights to the character to Marvel, where Angela first appeared circa 2013 in Guardians of the Galaxy #5.  This book is graded 9.4 NM with white pages by CGC.  There are no grader's notes available, so the only defects we can detect are some minor spine tics on the rear cover.  Otherwise, it looks brand new with perfect alignment.