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DC Comics

Brave and the Bold, The #200 (1983) Batman, Robin, Outsiders, Katana


This early Copper Age key book is the final issue of the Brave and the Bold run with began in 1955.  It's a thick, square-bound anniversary book.  This issue features the 1st appearance of Katana, Geoforce, and Halo.  It is also the 1st appearance of the Outsiders (Batman, Black Lightning, Halo, Geoforce, Katana, and Metamorpho).  This book is graded 9.8 NM/MT with white pages by CGC.  This copy has great alignment, sharp edges and corners, and rich color.  Please note that there are some minor smudges from the scanner glass which does not constitute a defect with the book.  It's a nice copy!