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Marvel Comics

Adventure Into Fear #20 (1974) Winnipeg pedigree copy, Morbius


This awesome early Bronze Age key horror title began featuring reprints of science fiction/horror stories but then introduced headline stories of Man-Thing (Adventure Into Fear #10-19) and Morbius the Living Vampire beginning in Adventure Into Fear #20.  This issue features the first solo Morbius story (he first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #101).  It also includes the 1st appearances of Daemond and Tara Ogord, the daughter of Starhawk).  This is also the 1st published work by Paul Gulacy!  We were excited to acquire this book in a recent auction.  It hails from the Winnipeg pedigree collection, so it has the special label.  The book is graded 9.2 NM- with white pages by CGC.