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Should comic book pressing be considered restoration?

Posted by Thomas Landschulz on
Should comic book pressing be considered restoration?

Conventional wisdom in the comic book world is that pressing out creases in a comic book and/or cleaning the book prior to pressing is not considered “restoration.”   When it is done professionally and properly, one should not notice that anything has been done to the book.  I have had books successfully pressed by both grading companies in this way.  The grading companies do not note that the book has been pressed on their labels.  That is because most people familiar with this subject and industry experts consider restoration to be a process that adds something to a book.  The most common examples are adding “color touch” to the cover, adding new staples, or even adding new pieces of paper to hide a chunk missing from a book.   

I have purchased quite a few books over the years that I suspect have been pressed (and pressed badly).  When someone doesn’t do a good job pressing a book it can alter the book’s alignment or permanently “press-in” surface dirt or stains.  When this happens, the book is altered.  

What do you think? 

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